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As you can see, my interests are varied. I go through life day by day as a Transportation Safety Professional but in my spare time I gravitate towards technical hobbies. In addition to the two above, JoAnne and I like camping, (we have a fifth wheel trailer) and enjoy weekends at State Parks in Indiana. Computing has always been a part of our lives as we got into it back in the old Apple age when floating point basic and 48k of memory was all you'd ever need! Boy were we wrong!

My aviation pages cover my interests through models (I started as a little boy with control line planes and still fly radio control models), The Experimental Aircraft Association (The biggest sport aviation organization in the world) and my favorite airplanes (The Ercoupe, one of which I'm restoring now and hope to have flying in 2002, and the Stinson 108-3, also known as the Flying Station Wagon).

Amateur Radio was a part of my early life as I held an amateur license but I let it lapse and did not take up the hobby again until recently. JoAnne followed closely in my footsteps and we both passed the exams for our Technician License. I hope to have the Morse Code re-mastered by the end of 2002 as I would like to obtain a higher license class.

All of the areas in our home and individual pages contain links to the various organizations and favorite websites that we would like to share.  I hope you enjoy these pages and their links.


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