aeronca1.jpg (161985 bytes)     Hello.  I'm Aeronca.  I'm not very happy about anything.  I was found as a stray - my people say someone must have loved me once, 'cause I was spayed and front declawed, but they must not have loved me enough to keep me safe.  I was on my own when I found some nice people who got me to my home.  I was a mess.  And my people didn't know I'd been spayed - in fact, they thought I was pregnant!  So off to the vet for exploratory surgery.  What a welcome! :(   But I've forgiven them; well, almost.  They keep dogs in this house, and I don't like dogs.  But I am safe here, and indoors where it's warm and dry,  and I get to sleep on the nice soft bed (I used to spend all my time under it, 'til I wised up), and they feed me, .......  If I keep this up I'll start purring and ruin the whole effect.

My people name all of their cats with aviation related names, in deference to Daddy's main interest.  I got named after an entire airplane, because they thought I had passengers.  ;) 



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