Foxfire Anja vd Rhodesland, CGC


Anja was our first.  Our first German Shepherd.  Our first "dog done right", not a pet store dog or a backyard breeder dog.  She introduced us to Schutzhund, and to Max von Stephanitz's ideal for the breed. 

Now that's already a mighty introduction, but Anja went beyond that.  Although she was our learning dog (do the teenage mutant Ninja shepherd from h..l years never end? - with a GSD not 'til they're about three), we were blessed with one of those "once or twice in a lifetime, if you're lucky" dogs in her.  She shared a difficult time in JoAnne's life, and left us much too soon.

I would like to write a glowing tribute to my friend, but I can't - the tears still flow too freely.  In the meantime, please visit her page at Annie and Charlie's site.     

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 Foxfire Anja vd Rhodesland, CGC

12-19-89  --  9-10-98