Roshi Sarkine




Hi ya'll.  I'm Roshi.  I used to be a police dog.  Then my master died, and things weren't so good for awhile.  But now I live here.  I don't understand when Dad puts on that blue uniform and leaves without me, but other than that, things are pretty OK.  I've got my brother Eryk to rough-house with (sometimes he gets too enthusiastic, though), the two cats to groom with on occasion, and most important of all, my very own crate to retreat to whenever I want.  I love my crate.  Sometimes I have to wait for Eryk, or even one of the cats to get out of it, but it's *mine*, and I can get in it and away from everything whenever I want.  Oh, and of course there are the two-foots.  Mom & Dad really try to do right by me, and Gramma comes over if we'd be home alone too much.  I'd still rather be with my master, but this is a pretty good alternative.  But I've heard Mom talking about a puppy - - - that could sure mess things up.  Oh well, long as I don't have to share my crate.