"Ain't I cute??"


  7-3-2000    Well, it looks like our "Stinson" has found us.  This little guy was dumped along the roadside.  We're guessing he's only four or five weeks old.  We've probably adopted him - he's in isolation from the rest of the pack pending veterinary care.





8-3-2000   What a difference a month makes!  Now freed of fleas, ear mites, intestinal worms, a sore on his nose and an eye infection, and receiving appropriate kitten food (we started with kitten milk replacer, and have progressed to kitten kibble), and lots of love and attention, Stinson has become quite the charmer.  He's at least doubled in size, and has tons of spunk and personality.  Because he was *soooo....* young, we broke the rules and took him to the EAA convention with us.  Lots of good socialization opportunities, and JoAnne didn't have to worry that her newest "baby" wasn't being appropriately cared for.






Christmas was a fun time for Stinson!!  Now 7 months old, he found all the boxes and papers and ribbons to be just kitten toys in the making.