"Spirit of St. Louis" Flight Experience


Thank you for your interest in flying on the Spirit of St. Louis. Please print this page, complete it in its entirety, and mail it to the address below.  You will be contacted with additional details.  - NOTE:  We've heard some computer systems jumble the printing of this page. If you have difficulty, try changing your page alignment from *portrait* to *landscape*

  Spirit Flight      P.O. Box 8238      Ft. Wayne, IN 46898-8238





Name _____________________________________________EAA Number_______________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State _________ Zip ______________________

Home Phone __________________________Business Phone ___________________________

Date of Birth ____________________

E-Mail _______________________________________________________________________

price description total charge
$150 Flight Experience on "Spirit of St. Louis"  
$40 EAA Membership Dues & 1 Years Subscription to Sport Aviation  

total enclosed or to be charged


_____Check enclosed; payable to "Experimental Aircraft Association" Print name as on card:
_____I authorize the above charged to my credit card Card number:
           Card type: Expiration date:
           _____MasterCard                        _____Visa

            _____American Express            _____Discover


EAA Aviation Foundation Spirit of St. Louis Flight Experience -- Participation Release - For consideration of the experience of flying in the EAA Aviation Foundation''s Spirit of St. Louis Aircraft, the undersigned ""participant"", and his/her heirs, successors, executors, administrators, assigns, agents, and representatives agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Experimental Aircraft Association and EAA Aviation Foundation, their divisions, agents, servants, employees, officers, insurers, reinsurers, successors, and assigns, and each and every one of them, of and from all claims and demands, which the participant may have arising out of any accident, casualty, or event relating to participant''s Flight Experience in the Foundation''s Spirit of St. Louis aircraft.

Signature _________________________________________________________________ Date ______________



Parent/Guardian Permission (REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS LESS THAN 18 YEARS OF AGE ON DATE OF FLIGHT)- The participant named above wishes to participate in the Spirit of St. Louis Flight Experience program, which includes a flight in the EAA Aviation Foundation''s Spirit of St. Louis. I certify that I am the child's parent / legal guardian, and I give him/ her my permission to participate in this program. I also agree to hold the EAA Aviation Foundation, the Experimental Aircraft Association, and all participants and sponsors harmless for all personal injury and any other claims and demands which might result from participation in this flight.

Parent / Guardian Signature _________________________________________________Date ______________

Witness __________________________________

(for administrative use only)

Location _________________________________________ Date _________________ Flight # ________