Piper Stinson


Well, it ends up our cats have developed a need for a joint page - they've become best friends!  

While these two cats got lucky and found a good home for life, most cats aren't so lucky; there are an estimated 60 million unwanted and homeless cats in this country.  Our two will make no more - please do your part to limit the number of cats doomed to an early death.


Enjoy the growing collection of pictures below, or visit their individual pages.  Meet....

Stinson   a foundling too young to fend for himself when we got him.

Piper   a kitten born in bathtub soon after his mom was rescued as a stray.


At first, we had some concerns bringing a second cat into Stinson's world.  He was so big, and so much a tom.  And Piper was soooo little.  It's been about 2 months when these pictures were taken.  Everything has worked out fine.  They run and play, and even groom each other.  You can see that Piper is terrified (yeah, sure <g>).